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This company was founded by an innovator with a passion to help other innovators realize the value of their great ideas.  Whether your ideas/services are in the area of regulated devices (eg. med tech) or consumer products, we have the experience to help.  We bring an understanding of how all of the stars need to align to make a great idea, a great success.  We can lead the way or bolster your capability to all of the steps along the way.  We are ready to roll up our sleeves and help you realize the maximum potential.

The founder, Ben Trapp, pulls from years of experience as a serial 'intrapreneur' with applications ranging from material technology advancement, consumer devices/wearables, endovascular devices/delivery systems and implantable devices


The founder's skillsets are broad including direct contribution such as:

  • 3-d computer modeling,

  • Product Development (both regulated/non-regulated),

  • Material Science,

  • Customer discovery / Market research,

  • Intellectual Property (including patents, etc);

and Leadership responsibility within a $1Billion+ Medical Device Division :

  • Innovation Leader - Divisional (cross functional)

  • Technology Leader - Divisional

His experiences have shown him how delicate fledgling ideas are and more importantly, what needs to be done to improve their chances to thrive.


Ben Trapp
Founder and Innovator

Over the years, a tested network has been built of strong partners, at the ready to help your ideas become a reality.  You can benefit from the years it took to arrive at the right people for the job.  We can help compliment the skills you have available to contribute.  Together we can form a strong team!

Rapid Prototyping
Customer Research
Patent Filing
Supply Chain Construction
Product Development
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