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Adjustable Garment System

Change the air gap (insulation) in your jacket to adjust to changing activity or climate.  Extend the comfort range of a garment.

Embolic Protection

Leverage the bodies own vascular redundancy to reverse the flow in the brain during carotid or neuro procedures.

Neuro Thrombectomy

Fit through a neuro microcatheter, yet still expand to engage thrombus and safely remove clot during an ischemic stroke.

Bicycle speaker system

Your ride, your music.  Design and commercialization of a speaker system for bicycle enthusiasts.

Front End Innovation Management System

How do you systematically explore for early opportunity?  How do you take a cross functional approach to de-risking opportunity?  Can you add 'process' to innovation without stifling it?  How do you ensure the targets of your growth strategy will be met?  How does organizational culture affect your ability to innovate?

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